The Musicians of Armidale

A non-profit association dedicated to providing opportunities for musicians to play and the community to enjoy live music in Armidale.


Rough Justice

Phone: 0428341799

Armidale covers band – specialising in 70’s, 80’s & 90’s rock classics (large Oz Rock content). Entertaining local pubs & parties for 13 years.

The Pinch

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Phone: 0478111873

The Pinch play an eclectic mix of originals/contemporary covers of songs/instrumentals from Folk, Country-Blues and Rock genres; featuring artists such as Steve Earle, Van Morrison, Paul Kelly, JJ Cale, Bob Dylan, The Shadows and The Rolling Stones. Group members: Ian Russell (formerly of Crooked Tree) – vocals/guitar; Kez Watson (vocals/fiddle/mandolin/tenor guitar); Mick Houlahan – vocals/bass; and, Paul Brancheid – drums.


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Phone: 0402693054

Soggy Pickles


Instagram – @soggypicklesband

Phone: 0416137006

Formed around the time of April, 2018, Soggy Pickles have been trying to revive the classic punk rock sound pioneered by music groups such as: Ramones, Misfits, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys and many more. The band’s lineup consists of several talented members: Stelios Charnas – Vocals, Jaidyn Lauder – Drums, Cody Cheeseman – Bass, Frankie Pancaldi – Lead Guitar, and occasionally, Finn McKeown – Rhythm Guitar.

The Jug Addicts

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Phone: (Wendy) 0411456133

The Jug Addicts play, as the name indicates, ‘Jug Music’. This form of comical music has been around for about a century. It’s a type of vernacular music that is all about ‘word play’, a comical sense of rhyme driven by a high energy jazz feel. Jug music has been constantly redefined throughout the last century and now we have The Jug Addicts reclaiming the cultural high ground by taking innocent little songs and having their wicked way with them. ‘The Juggies’ (as they are affectionately known) have been around since 2001. The band is made up of Gary Jenkins on vocals, washboard and strange percussion, Adam Cafarella on jug, guitar, mandolin, kazoo and vocals, Glenn Manion on resonator, archtop, ukulele and interjections and the fabulously infamous Wendy Griffiths on double bass. Playing at weddings, pubs, the Tamworth Country Music Festival, Bellingen Turtle Festival, markets, grand openings… The Juggies has impressed / shocked quite an eclectic group of people from little kiddies through young techno fans who also seem to love high energy acoustic music to more mature punters who may have even heard their grandparents singing these songs when they were young (perhaps with somewhat less attitude).

The Bopcatz

Phone: (Carol) 0407498670

On Facebook

The Briny Sea (with Matthew Knights)

Phone: 0488751052

Fresh from the shed, the briny sea features all original songs with New England locals Mike Croft on keys, bass and vocals; Mark Fisher on electric guitar; Matt Benham on drums; and Matt knights on guitar and vocals. The band is the sum total of its members – seeking to create its own unique sound and flavour, keeping it simple yet strong and building on individual strengths without being bound by particular genres or musical fashions.

The Warts

Phone: 0403874120

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The Gravy

Phone: 0423452157


Considered by a few family members and many inebriates as the most nascent Soul/Funk group in the New England area, The Gravy uses only the finest ingredients to whip up their own particular brand of salty sauce. 

When cooking Gravy your shopping list should include Dave (Browny) Brown on bone, John Corcoron on groove guitar, Emily (Eej) Jane on vocals and down in the engine room bringing all the ingredients together are Brendan Passey on bass and Ian (Mitch) Mitchell on skins.

This succulent sauce has notes of 80s funk, contemporary soul and brings it together with a touch of home cooking with the recent inclusion of some original flavour. One thing you can count on… The Gravy will keep the dance floor filled All Night Long!

The Ash Hall Trio

Phone: 0423548255

Jazz Trio – Melodic & Improvisational.

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Rough Justice

Phone: 0428341799

The web: Rough Justice (Armidale)

70’s/80’s/90’s rock

Vinnie and The Cuban Missiles

Phone: 0410683135

 On Facebook

The time was 1962 and president Kennedy was involved in tense negotiations with the Soviets missile deployment in Cuba. The Shadows had already released Apache,The Savage, FBI and Wonderful Land. The British boom is about to ignite with bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Hollies. Along with artists like Dusty Springfield, Lulu, Helen Shapiro and across the Atlantic,The Ronettes,Tina Turner and The Monkees, ready to burst on the scene and leave their lasting impression on Rock & Roll and music in general.
It is from this distinct period of music from these bands and singers, the early 1960’s that make up Vinnie and The Cuban Missiles repertoire.

Caramello Cafe

Phone: 0411342081

Caramello cafe. We are a four piece funk rock kinda thing. We write all our own songs with an occasional cover. We are are all long term local musicians. The band consists of Gary Jenkins (v) Lucas Cafarella (g) Adam Cafarella (b) and Saul Cafarella (d).

We are restricted to playing one or two sets maximum so would love to do festivals showcases and support gigs.

Captain Tragic

Phone: 0487220094

Armidale punk rock band.
On the web: Captain Tragic (Captain Tragic), Instagram (captain tragic band)

Greg Windred’s Racketeers

Phone: 0418246570

On Facebook

Follow the line across the edge of the sky, out across the burnt reds and torn greens of the deep land, out over the cities ganged in hard lines on the coasts, to the darkened worlds heard beyond from ocean’s rim. Greg Windred’s songs tell of sights seen and stories heard out along this line; of the troubles pushing in on everyday lives, of the weight placed heavy on the land; of the cheap fictions clouding mind and eye in our time and place, but also of the compassion and connection, of hope and strength found in family and humanity. A seasoned performer, Greg is joined in the re-working of songs from his 2013 album, Drought and War, and from his upcoming album by the Racketeers, two extraordinary Armidale musicians, who between them know a thing or two about how pull a song together – Steve Harris on drums and Mick Houlahan on bass. Together, Greg and the Racketeers bring to audiences music in full colour, and sound seen in the full wide-screen.

Charlie Fittler Band

Phone: 0408266997


Charlie Fittler – Graduates of CMAA 2018 Country Music Artist


Phone: 0408651812


Pantor is the latest merge of three friends who love to jam and enjoy music as a way of life. 
We play eclectic covers of happy tunes with a South American twist Plus our own special blend of original material.

The M Cooperation

Phone: 0490147083

On Facebook

The M Cooperation play all original tunes across a variety of musical genres in known but fresh forms with stories of lost souls, bad habits, misadventures and love gone almost right. With Dave Brown on bass, Jonathan Monk on lead guitar Ian Mitchell on drums and Mark Cooper on guitar and vocals, the combination of jangly guitars, soaring melodies and harmonies from the heavens sounds familiar but new. If that’s not enough to please your ears and hearts, you can always dance to them.The M Cooperation was formed by Mark to play his original songs and this is the fourth line-up in as many years.

Cat Trousers

Phone: 0411342091

We do a majority of original songs written by band members. Members include Gary Jenkins, Michael Dreilsma, Saul Cafarella, Adam Cafarella and Lucas Cafarella.

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